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Last Update : March 10, 2005
Fuzzy Expert System Example
[Delphi 6 - Freeware] - March 2005

This paper demonstrates a very simple Fuzzy Expert System that works as a stock trading system advisor implemented in Delphi. It implements a few concepts of fuzzy logics and fuzzy sets as Delphi classes. Additionally, this paper answers two other questions posed by the assignment of class CS657 - Intelligent Systems and Control.

A Fuzzy Expert System as a Stock Trading Advisor
[White Paper - Not reviewed]

FES and Source Files - Win32 application - Fuzzy Expert System
[Delphi 6 - 368KB]

FES - Executable only - Win32 application - Fuzzy Expert System
[Delphi 6 - 330KB]

PICMicro Servo Controller
[PIC16F877A - Mikropascal - Delphi 6 - Freeware] - February 2005

Hobby grade servo motors can be used with success in several different robotic applications. They have a very simple electrical interface and are available in a great assortment of specifications and prices. Usually one can get started with a very cheap one. This set of applications and paper describe how to control one of these servos using a PC and a Microchip PIC microcontroller.

How to Interface a Microchip PIC MCU with a hobby R/C Servo
[White Paper]
Source code for PIC16F877A - ServoWiper
Source code for PIC16F877A - MultiServo
ServoTroller - Win32 application that controls the PICmicro and servo head
[Executable - Delphi]
Ant Box
[Delphi 6 - Freeware - Source Code available by request] - January 2005

Ant Sim is a simulator of an ant box, where ants have to find the exit of the box by themselves. You will also find papers on Ant Algorithms in this page, go ahead.

Ant Sim Homepage.

Tic-Tac-Toe (Jogo da Velha)
[Delphi 6 - Freeware - Source Code available by request] - July 2004

It's easy to play, but you only lose if you're not paying attention. If you are learning AI, source code presents the minimax state-space search with a object oriented flavor.

Get the executable.

Iris Recognition using Neural Networks

The Human Iris is one of the best biometrics features in the human body for pattern recognition. This paper provides a walkthrough for image acquisition, image segmentation, feature extraction and pattern forming based on the Human Iris imaging. It also shows experiments using Feed forward Backpropagation Neural Network on classifying the patterns formed in the first part of the paper and properly verify one’s identity.

This paper is submitted as partial fulfillment for class CS553 – Neural Networks.

This paper available in PDF, download it here.

Progress Tracker
[Delphi 6 - Freeware - Source Code available by request]

Progress tracker is a very simple tool where you keep track of how many bugs you have in a given application and how many were already solved.

It was designed with bug track in mind, but it can be used for anything that you need to keep track of how many things were solved from a universe of things.
Donwload executable in ZIP format here.